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Southwark is the best inner London borough for recycling says new DEFRA report

Southwark is still the best recycler in inner London according to new government report published this month.

According to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Southwark’s residents, council and waste company, Veoila, have all played their part in making the borough one of the best in the country for recycling.

Southwark has maintained its crown as the best borough in inner London – with just two per cent of our rubbish going to landfill, and what does get incinerated being put to good use.

Southwark’s recycling centre removes all materials that can be recycled and the leftover waste is then generated into electricity and heat for the national grid, and provides heating and hot water for around 2,900 nearby council homes.

Councillor Richard Livingstone, cabinet member for environment, transport management and air quality, said: “This achievement is testament to the hard work of the council, Veolia and most importantly our residents.

“I would like to congratulate everyone involved and encourage even more people to start separating, cleaning and putting out their recyclables for collection.”

Southwark is now seventeenth in the whole London league, which the council says is a ‘huge achievement’ given the borough’s number of high rise blocks which make collection trickier.


Do recycle

  • mixed paper and cardboard
  • mixed glass bottles and jars
  • food tins and drink cans
  • aerosols and foil
  • household plastic packaging, including clean plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays
  • food and drink containers (e.g. Tetra Pak)

Don’t recycle

  • food waste – this also contaminates other items in the bin
  • textiles* – can get caught in the machinery and cause damage
  • plastic bags
  • black bags
  • expanded polystyrene packaging
  • small items of furniture
  • batteries
  • fireworks

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