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SE1 London’s ‘most polluted postcode’ according to new research

SE1 is London’s most polluted postcode area, according to newly-published data.

Data from scientists at King’s College London has been made public via a new website, showing postcode level readings for levels of nitrogen dioxide (NO2) across the Greater London area.

According to the data, the reading for NO2 in the inner-city Southwark postcode is a whopping 102mg per m3, well over double the legal limit of 40mg per m3.

The pollutant has been linked with a number of adverse health effects, most notably increased respiratory problems such as asthma, bronchitis and COPD.

Campaigning group, Central Office of Public Interest, has used the data to build a website to check addresses anywhere in the capital.

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After inputting a postcode, addresses are ranked from one to five, depending on how polluted they are, and by how much NO2 levels breach the 40mg limit.

According to the environmental pressure group, polling shows that Londoners think a discount of up to twenty per cent should be applicable to properties in highly-polluted areas – which would be over £140,000 for the average Southwark property.

Your address can be checked for pollution levels by inputting the postcode on the website,


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