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Rotherhithe Tunnel: Toxic fumes at tunnel increase, latest stats reveal

Air pollution has slightly increased in the Rotherhithe Tunnel, the latest monthly stats reveal.

Last month the News reported that levels of toxic gases coming from the route had dramatically dropped following a residents’ campaign.

An apartment block on Rotherhithe Street is located just eight metres from one of the Tunnel’s shafts – meaning high levels of toxic fumes were being spewed into resident’s homes.

In January, levels of harmful Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) were recorded at an average of 47.9µg/m3 – higher than December’s 43.4µg/m3. The UK air quality target is 40µg/m3.

Bermondsey and Old Southwark MP, Neil Coyle, who secured the figures from TfL, said: “I am glad that TfL are taking action to improve air quality in Rotherhithe in response to local people’s concerns and the News’ coverage.

“The extra monitoring shows a slight increase in NO2 pollution in January sadly, but TfL assure me that this was before the activation of new cameras which will now fine some vehicles using the tunnel to deter their use.”

Cameras installed by TfL this month will fine drivers up to £130 which do not comply with a ban on goods vehicles weighing over two tonnes or cars higher than two metres using the tunnel.

The agency is also planning on refurbishing the Tunnel’s ventilation system within the next five years.

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  1. since the TFL staff have left, and despite the signage changing the traffic levels have returned to normal and goods vehicles are using the tunnel again even though they ‘risk a fine’. total joke.

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