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More road changes to encourage walking and cycling approved by Southwark Council

The latest round of post lockdown road closures aimed at encouraging more walking and cycling to work have been approved by Southwark Council.

The decision, formalised on Sunday, will see pavements widened, one-way systems, road blocks, no right turns, and new cycling lanes put in four key arterial routes: Peckham Rye, Great Suffolk Street, Bermondsey Street, Lower Road, and the south section of Burbage Road.

Many of the changes have already been brought in under emergency COVID-19 legislation.

In Peckham Rye, the plans include a bus gate between Nunhead Crescent and Nunhead Lane.

A modal filter will be placed in Bermondsey Street, between Morocco Street and Whites Grounds, along with cycling improvements.

Changes in Great Suffolk Street would see one-way only systems and banned turns in numerous surrounding streets.

Dulwich’s Burbage Road will see buses, cycles and taxis only north-bound, from the junction of Gallery Road.

Lower Road will have Cycleway 4 installation, using temporary materials.

Visit to see full details and images of the plans.




  1. This brain dead councilors wont be happy until people have died due to emergency services failing to reach houses quicker due to their closing of streets. Their hatred of car drivers has gone way over the top. They are supposed to be a council for the working class, yet are destroying small businesses by forcing them to spend time grid locked in pollution spewing traffic jams. Lets hope and pray when a disaster does happen, and it will, it will be the family of the gestapo style councilors who have caused this problem or their thick supporters.

  2. The police in Camberwell have pointed out they can no longer chase criminals into those areas …lets see what happens when burglaries increase and no one can get to them to help them . Most of these people have gardens and also cars which they use to pollute everyone else’s areas . But I suppose its worth it due to the rise in their house prices as a result . Just look at the doctored photos of Fentiman Road to see how far they are prepared to go . Selfish selfish middle classes . Block off all exits and entrances so they cannot use their cars

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