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Millions spent on sewer works to help stop flooding in Forest Hill

Thames Water has spent £3.5 million on flood prevention on Forest Hill’s Dunoon Road.

A new two-metre wide, 100-metre long pipe has been connected to the existing sewer, to increase its water capacity at any given time to 315,000 litres – equivalent to the volume of three double-decker buses.

The extra protection should prevent flooding during heavy rain, and was completed six weeks ahead of schedule.

Fortunately, disruption was kept to a minimum and the team received some very positive comments from residents, including one letter which said: “Thank you so much for all your help with the sewer.

“You have been brilliant the last few months as we saw how hard you worked. Carry on the great work.”

Tim Horton, Thames Water’s capital delivery director, said: “We are dedicated to protecting our customers from flooding.

“Sometimes the nature of the work means it can be disruptive, so I am really pleased to see this project has attracted so many positives.

“The team should be very proud of their performance.

“It was a tremendous job.”


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