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Citizens’ Jury summoned to meet the challenge of climate change

To meet the threat of the climate emergency, Southwark Council are creating a Citizens’ Jury of 25 residents who are being asked to volunteer.

The jury will meet eight times between November 2021 and February 2022 to try and answer the question: ‘What needs to change in Southwark to tackle the emergency of climate change fairly and effectively, for people and nature?

Southwark Council are sending out 5,000 invitations to randomly selected Southwark residents. From those who show interest, 25 will then be invited to attend.

This method aims to create a diverse group who are representative of the community, but who do not necessarily have any special skills or knowledge.

Cllr Helen Dennis, Cabinet Member for Climate Emergency and Sustainable Development, said: “The climate emergency is the challenge of our time. We hope that our citizens’ jury will help us to progress the work that is already underway here in Southwark.

“It is important that people across the borough understand the urgency of action, now.

“We hope that this citizens’ jury will help to unite people, encourage them to share their knowledge and help us to make the changes necessary to safeguard the planet for future generations.”

In March 2019, Southwark Council declared a Climate Emergency. Southwark’s climate emergency declaration includes the intention to ‘do all it can to make the borough carbon neutral by 2030’.

During the sessions, participants will hear from a range of expert commentators on climate change, and will then have the opportunity to question them, share opinions, and ultimately reach a set of recommendations for Southwark Council on how to reach zero emissions.

Invitation letters will be sent out in September 2021, with the deadline for applications on 27 October 2021. The first meeting of the jury scheduled for November 2021.

Sessions will initially take place online, with two face-to-face days later in the programme, and residents who take part in the focus groups will be given £330 in vouchers and compensated for expenses like travel and childcare.


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