Friday, May 27, 2022
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Campaigners urged to bring cake, banners, flags and teddy bears on protest walk against tree felling at Camberwell Old Cemetery

Campaigners against the proposed felling of 30 trees at Camberwell Old Cemetery hope that a community walk this Saturday will show the council how much the woodland is loved.

The 100 Acre Wood Walk will take place between 11am and 1pm.

Participants are invited to meet at the gates to Camberwell Old Cemetery, and to bring cake, banners, flags and teddy bears.

Southwark Council plans to use the area to extend the graveyard, and help allevaite the borough’s burial plot space crisis.

Cllr Darren Merrill, cabinet member for environment and recycling, said: “Put simply, our aim is to bring Camberwell Old Cemetery back into full use.

“For years now, sections of the cemetery have been fenced off and left in disarray. Once restored, local people will be able to enjoy the amenity of the cemetery with thriving wildlife, vegetation and flora.”


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