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Street Art Sucking Pollution From The Air

A carbon absorbing mural popped-up overnight in Southwark, commissioned by Lindeman’s Wine. The stunning artwork was produced to celebrate the brand’s certified carbon neutral status and was produced by renowned street artist Nerone.

Not just beautiful art piece to admire, the mural has been specifically designed using carbon-absorbing paint from industry leader, Graphenstone, and will absorb an incredible 1.3kg of CO2.

The creation of the mural comes as part of Lindeman’s ongoing commitment to address environmental issues. The brand’s partnership with the Carbon Trust over the past year has seen it measure and offset the carbon footprint of its entire Europe product portfolio, while putting in place carbon-reducing measures including lightweight bottles and making its packaging more recyclable.

Lindeman’s has also invested in a range of carbon positive projects to help offset CO2 emissions, including solar and wind baser power and reforestation projects.  These have resulted in carbon savings of 45,394 tonnes, which is the equivalent of taking approx. 32,000 cars off the road for a year or the equivalent carbon absorption of over 2m trees annually.

Nerone puts the finishing touches Photo: David Parry/PA Wire

The Australian wine brand has also launched its Buy One, Plant One Tree initiative which will enable customers to virtually plant a tree with every bottle of Lindeman’s purchased. The initiative aims to plant 317k extra trees over a period of 3 months.

Camilla Pendleton, Senior Brand Manager for Lindeman’s said “It has been our goal for some time that Lindeman’s became carbon neutral and we’ve been pushing forward new measures and initiatives such as Buy One, Plant a Tree to help reduce our impact on the environment even further. We wanted to work with local, talented artists and with Jody Thomas and Nerone onboard to mark the milestone with these murals that not only look great but do great for air pollution in both London and Bristol. We all have a responsibility to look after our planet and we hope our campaign will inspire others to do the same.”

And French artist, Nerone, said “It has been a great opportunity to work with Lindeman’s on this mural, supporting a carbon neutral brand and actively offsetting CO2 emissions through art. It is important to me to spread messages of positivity through my work, and I feel this project embodies that”

Graphenstone paint, the secret ingredient behind these murals, is a lime-based product with graphene technology. These paints are free from VOC’S, carcinogens or toxic substances and reduce CO2. Due to a natural process, when the lime is carbonating, it absorbs CO2 from the ambient air and cleans the air that we breathe.

Following installation, the mural will be gifted to projects that will use them as part of their wider community sustainability initiatives. Sydenham Arts Council will be receiving Nerone’s London mural following its completion, where the piece will be on display at their Sydenham Centre HQ. The display of this carbon-absorbing piece is a statement of intent as SAC looks to promote climate activism through the arts in the coming years.



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