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Residents demand help as revellers barbeque and party till early hours in Burgess Park


Large groups of boozed up revellers have been hosting barbeques, playing loud music and defecating in bushes in Burgess Park over the summer, claim residents, with one night leading to a meat cleaver being left in one of their bins.

Residents of Cobourg Road opposite the park have said bass music and laughter keeps them up all night, and have criticised both the police and Southwark Council for not putting an end to it.

One night when police sirens were heard, a meat cleaver was dumped into one of the resident’s bins as the group scattered, it is claimed.

Meat cleaver found in a bin on Cobourg Road
Meat cleaver found in a bin on Cobourg Road

The barbeques are said to be so large residents are forced to keep windows shut during heatwaves to prevent their houses stinking of food.

The residents spoke to the News anonymously for fear of their safety, and described the partygoers as having “no respect”.

One resident said: “People were in the bushes and just exposing themselves. They park outside your house so you can’t get a space and then get hostile about it.

“The smoke is so large you can’t open your windows because of the smell. You’re not meant to have a BBQ there as it is, and no one moves them on. I think people are too frightened to move them.

“We want people to take action now otherwise it will get to September and it will stop and then summer will come back around and it will start again.

“I have to put in ear phones at night so I can get to sleep. I have to ask myself “what room will I sleep in tonight” whenever I get home.”

Burgess Park currently stays open to the public all night and despite there being occasional warden patrols, residents say they haven’t managed to stop the “anti-social behaviour”.

Another resident said that they have seen families come to enjoy the park but have “turned around to leave once they saw what was going on”.

Burgess Park was the scene of a large water fight turned stabbing in July, as more and more people organise meet-ups online.

Councillor Barrie Hargrove, Southwark Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities and Safety, said: “We are aware of the concerns of residents relating to the Burgess Park barbeque area and have been working with the police to resolve these issues.

“We’ve increased the number of night patrols by council wardens and our noise team will pursue enforcement action should these issues persist. The summer months are a great time for people to get out and enjoy our wonderful park facilities, but we cannot tolerate irresponsible behaviour that blights the lives of other parks goers and surrounding neighbourhoods.”



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