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Woman and child escape from car before it bursts into flames in Peckham

A woman and child had a lucky escape after their car spontaneously burst into flames in Peckham.

London Fire Brigade confirmed they were called just after 11:30am today, to Consort Road.

One eyewitness was Adam Mizou, owner of Station Barbers by Peckham Rye Station.

“A lady and a small boy were riding in the car, and suddenly the fire started,” Adam said.

“I saw them get out of the car, and it got burnt completely. It was a big fire”

He said both the mum and child escaped uninjured.

“I went to speak to them and they were both really shocked, but they weren’t hurt. They were cool.

“I think it was caused by leaking petrol, but you couldn’t tell, everything was on fire.”

A London Fire Brigade spokeswoman said fifteen calls were received about the blaze, and three fire engines were sent.

A Met Police spokesman said officers had closed the road to “stop people getting too close to it”.


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