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Two boys plan to hug 100 trees to join in the fight against climate change

Two young boys from Dulwich were hugging 100 trees last weekend to fight climate change.

East Dulwich schoolboys Thomas and Daniel Pickles, aged 11 and eight, hugged 100 trees over the  weekend to raise money for the Catford-based conservation charity Rainforest Trust UK, which helps prevent deforestation in tropical rainforests.

The Rosemead Preparatory School pupils will started hugging trees on Saturday October 30, the day before the COP26 Climate Talks. Donations can be made via their justgiving page.

Thomas said, “We’ve learnt at school that climate change is the biggest problem we will face in our lifetimes and we want to grow up in a world which is safe for everyone. We want to raise as much money as we can to protect rainforests, which are really important for storing carbon and stopping climate change.”

His brother Daniel added, “I love animals and want to help protect their rainforest homes. A lot of wild animals are becoming extinct because forests are being cut down and they have nowhere to live. Please support our tree-hugging to help save them!”

The boys’ parents, Anna and Martin, are also supportive of their sons’ plan to help save the planet. Anna said, “The boys already know that climate change is the biggest threat facing our planet, and they really wanted to do something practical to help. Saving rainforests is one of the most effective ways to fight climate change, and hugging trees seems a great way to show how important they are for the planet and future generations – and great outdoor exercise too!”

Chris Redston, the Executive Director of Rainforest Trust UK, added, “Tropical deforestation causes about 15% of all net global carbon emissions, which is the same as every bus, train, car, plane, ship and truck on the planet combined. Rainforests are currently being destroyed at a rate of about 70,000 acres a day, mainly through deliberate burning and clearing for cattle ranches, soy plantations and palm oil. We are extremely grateful to Thomas and Daniel for stepping up to hug trees and protect the rainforests– they are true climate heroes!”

To find out more about the Rainforest Trust UK’s Hug 100 Trees campaign, visit


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