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Promotional feature: Capel Manor College welcomes new Mottingham campus

Capel Manor College, which offers courses in land and animal management as well as wildlife conservation will being operating a new campus in Mottingham.

Working closely with its existing Crystal Palace campus the site in Mottingham  has been transferred over from Hadlow College,  including all staff, students and facilities.

Malcolm Goodwin, Principal of Capel Manor College, said: “At Capel Manor College we are passionate about supporting London’s natural environment and offering opportunities to students to gain the best possible skills and experience and move into rewarding land-based careers. These include working with animals, wildlife, conservation and biodiversity, protecting and improving London’s trees and woodlands, designing and enhancing our green spaces and gardens, creating first-class floristry and events, helping us adapt to climate change and sustainably growing high-quality food for our futures.

“We are truly excited by the inclusion of the Mottingham Campus in our existing family of campuses across Greater London. We look forward to working with the staff and the students, as well as the local community and wider stakeholders, on the development of the Mottingham Campus. Together we will shape a future for people passionate about nature, the natural environment and London.”

Graham Morley, Interim Principal of Hadlow College, said: “The transfer of the Mottingham Campus to Capel Manor College is an important step towards the eventual resolution of the financial issues facing Hadlow College, and removes some of the uncertainty for both the staff and students with regards to the future direction of the campus.

“It is, however, also sad to have to say goodbye to valued colleagues, all of whom have displayed the highest levels of professionalism in exceptionally challenging times. Without their daily efforts and commitment to their students, this transfer would not have been possible. My sincere thanks and best wishes for the future goes to them.”

The Mottingham Campus currently has 186 students enrolled full-time and studying for either a Level 1, Level 2 or Level 3 Animal Management qualification. The campus also has 23 staff working as either lecturers or support staff

Capel Manor College already has five other campuses, with around 3,000 students and 300 staff, specialising in land-based education up to degree level in a range of subjects related to the natural environment, animal management and wildlife conservation.

The resources at Mottingham will be enhanced to create a unique experience and opportunity for students and the local community. The grounds will be used to develop horticulture, garden design, turf management, environmental conservation and arboriculture courses.

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