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New mural for Charlotte Sharman Primary celebrates diversity

Kids from Charlotte Sharman Primary School helped create a stunning new playground mural celebrating diversity.

The mural, created with help from London-based artists Fandangoe Kid and Coco Lom reads “We Are All Londoners” in bright pink lettering.

Head teacher Andrew May told the News: “The project was to inspire children about jobs in the creative industries as we move into our spring whole school topic “we are artists”.

For six weeks, the children have had a focus on the arts in their lessons. Throughout December the mural’s artists kindly gave their time for free to create the mural, and tell the kids about their work and lives working in the arts.

“Our curriculum is very London-centric,” Mr May added. “We have a theme this year of “all are welcome here”. Combining these themes we came up with the inspiration for the wall.”

The artwork in progress

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