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Live dissection experience coming to St Thomas the Apostle College

St Thomas the Apostle College has been selected as one of the first venues to host the award-winning Operating Theatre Live in the UK, writes Simon Throssell …

Operating Theatre Live are the UK’s only touring surgical experience challenging students to explore careers in medicine and healthcare, with the aim of raising engagement in the health care sector.

This dynamic experience, being held on October 26 from 9 am to 5 pm, will immerse children into the centre of an operating theatre and let them practise real surgical techniques such as endoscopies and transplants.

Led by human anatomist Samuel Piri and his expert team of clinicians, there will be a chance to get hands on dissecting real specimens like the brain, eyes, lungs and the heart.

Mr Piri guarantees all attendees a breath-taking and unforgettable trip through the human body.

“Each student will leave stretched and challenged, having made measurable progress against the GCSE, A Level, BTEC, Scottish National 5 and Highers science specifications,” he said.

Samuel Piri leading a workshop

Managing Director of lead organisers Inspire to Aspire, Dean Thomas-Lowde, said: “As an Assistant Head teacher I know that digital reality is very effective but it can’t provide the hands-on sensory experience of holding a heart or exploring something as amazing as the lungs or liver.”

A main event ticket, including the hire of scrub, stethoscope, full personal protective equipment, seven workshops and lunch costs £69.00 per child.

A trauma ticket, including the above plus an eighth workshop (titled Emergency Medicine: Trauma and Amputation, 5:00 – 8:00 pm) and hot evening meal is priced at £139.00 per child.

For more information regarding the tour and to book your place, please visit the Operating Theatre Live website, call +44 (0) 01827 902 507 or email

The theatre company are also giving away five free places for students underrepresented in medicine. Visit the website above and navigate to the section titled Eligible for a free place? to download and complete a reference form.

Operating Theatre Live and the ITAE group would like to make it clear that all dissection specimens are of spent swine origin and no animals have been harmed for the making of this experience.


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