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GCSE Results Day: More than half grades awarded at The Charter School North Dulwich are 7-9

More than half the grades achieved by The Charter School North Dulwich students in their GCSEs this year were 7-9.

High achievers include Antonia Ngai; Isabella Breen; Rose Roberts; Lizzie Colley; Elena Galezia; Nicholas Mitchiner; Archie Harper; Evie Watson; Petra Whelan; Daisy Berrisford Hawkes; Elissa Saygin; Ben Snowdon and Oscar Stott all of who gained at least eight GCSEs at grade 9. 

Alys Forman Wilshaw gained 10 GCSEs, including three at grade 9, whilst her brother Harry gained nine GCSEs, also with three grade 9s.

Barnaby Steed gained ten GCSEs, seven of which were grade 9s, including in English, maths, science, and art.

Favour Garuba gained nine GCSEs, six of which were grade 9, including history, English and sociology.

Malachi and Micah Aguma gained nine GCSEs each, both achieving grade 9s in triple science and a grade 8 and 9 respectively in maths. 

Olivia Morgan-Murray gained nine GCSEs including grade 9’s in English and sociology.

Assad Amin gained nine GCSEs, five at grade 9, including triple science, maths and history. Isabella Sutcliffe gained ten GCSEs, four at Grade 9, including triple science. 

Younes Lekhaili gained eight GCSEs and a BTEC, including four at grade 9 in maths and triple science. 

The Charter School North Dulwich followed a rigorous process for both GCSEs and BTECs to determine students’ grades.

This included internal tests sat in exam conditions, coursework and homework. Grades have been awarded based on the specifications of the exam boards for each subject, in-school tasks followed the same format as awarding organisation materials and were marked in a way that reflects awarding organisation mark schemes. 

All subject grades were subjected to moderation by subject leaders and senior leaders in order to award the most accurate and appropriate grade for each individual student based on their ability. 

Headteacher, Christian Hicks said on results day: “As with year thirteen earlier this week, year eleven pupils have had to show remarkable resilience during the past eighteen months of uncertainty, and today’s results will hopefully calm some of the anxieties that many have experienced. 

“We are confident that the grades awarded today are a true reflection of each student’s hard work and study in each of their subjects over the course of year ten and eleven. 

“Our highly experienced and conscientious teaching staff worked incredibly hard to produce these grades in a fair, considered and moderated fashion, and I am confident that today’s results are the fairest and most realistic outcome for this year’s cohort. 

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank not only our staff, but also all our families for their extraordinary commitment and support of our young people during this unprecedented period. 

“Most of all I would like to congratulate year eleven on these fantastic results and thank them for their hard work and good grace throughout this period. 

“I am delighted that the majority of our year eleven pupils have the results that they need and are now able to progress to the next stage of their education, and focus on what will be a bright future.”


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