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Dulwich school seeks former students to inspire next generation

A Dulwich school is seeking former students to inspire the next generation of pupils.

The Charter School, in Red Post Hill, is hoping to get in touch with former students in established careers and recent leavers in further education.

The school has been working with education charity Future First to help support current students by “harnessing” the talents and experience of alumni.

Christine Gilbert, executive chair of Future First and a former Ofsted chief inspector, said: “Every state school student should have the opportunity to succeed in life after school, regardless of their background.

“If students see ‘people like me’ have succeeded, they are more likely to believe they can too. They work harder and have higher expectations of success.

“We want more schools to see the benefits of using their alumni as a powerful resource.”

Former students can contact Brian Reid, head of Year 13, by emailing:

Former students can also register with Future First by visiting:


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