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London South Bank University and Lambeth College announce their merger

A merger between Lambeth College and London South Bank University was announced last Friday  over two years after the plans were first revealed.

London South Bank University (LSBU) said that the college had joined its ‘family’ of education institutions in what it called ‘a pioneering move designed to enhance Lambeth College’s offer and create greater access to education for all across south London’.

LSBU is a UK leader in technical education and graduate employability.

A video celebrating the merger and featuring Lambeth College students was made by digital creative agency, Net Natives, in collaboration with London South Bank University.

The university says that it ‘promises students at Lambeth College the benefit of a wide range of educational and career development opportunities, including links to strong employer partnerships.’

Lambeth College, which changed it named to Lambeth Career College, already offers a wide range of courses and apprenticeships designed to open doors to future careers, with its Clapham site sporting real work environments including a hair salon and restaurant.

London South Bank University opened as the Borough Polytechnic Institute in 1892 with the aim of providing opportunities for the people of south London, improving their employment prospects and advancing local businesses.

Around a quarter of LSBU students come from south east London and the focus of the university remains very much on professional and technical education.

Fiona Morey, Principal Designate of Lambeth College, said: “This is a new, exciting beginning, not just for us, but for south London.

“The coming together of our college with the University enables us to support those who live, work and learn in south London to access education that transforms lives.

“Through our partnership with LSBU we are in a strong position to continue to build on the vital role the College plays in our local communities.

“Our pioneering partnership with LSBU supports our vision of being at the heart of lifelong learning in south London.

“We are proud to be part of a collaboration that values education and is passionate about supporting our students and employers to realise their ambitions.”

Professor David Phoenix, Vice Chancellor of London South Bank University, said: “This unique partnership between Lambeth College and LSBU creates an exciting opportunity for our two institutions and for people, businesses and communities across south London.

“Together, we will break down educational barriers and provide high quality professional and technical education to all who can benefit.

“Our educational offer, coupled with our combined business links and enterprise expertise will create a new model for education delivery and enable us to make a real difference to local people.”

Lambeth Cllr Mohammed Seedat, Cabinet member for the Voluntary Sector, Partnerships & Community Safety, said: “If our pupils are to realise their full potential, they’ll need the widest possible range of educational opportunities available to them.

“Lambeth College teaming up with London South Bank University is fantastic news for young people, as it promises to improve the educational opportunities and the guidance they’ll need to go on to have successful careers.

“This will play a key role in improving equality in Lambeth, and breaking down the barriers preventing so many young people from fulfilling their potential.”


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