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Who is this Peckham guy Magical Bones?

If you missed it – check it out here Richard Essien from Peckham, who as Magical Bones stunned the judges and indeed the nation when he appeared on ITV’s hit show Britain’s Got Talent.

Viewers were perplexed when he teleported himself across the room into a brand new outfit, after putting one women in a box with swords for another to appear.

Many have taken to social media to guess on how he did it some saying a double curtain and a classic diversion tactic, but however he did it it won the judges over – he was given four yeses and sent to the next round.

But according to Entertainment Daily this is not the first time he appeared on tele, appearing in 2016 on This Morning performing his trademark backflip card trick.

Although Magical Bones has been mastering the art of magic for ten years, the artist is yet to be given his big break.

But the entertainment website says other celebrities that have been wowed by Magical Bones include Richard Branson, The Jacksons and Gaby Roslin.

And that during his breakdancing career, he’s also worked with huge A listers including Madonna and Alicia Keys.

Prior to Britain’s Got Talent, he also took part in the TV series Around The World In 80 Tricks, which according to his website, was watched in more than 60 millions homes globally.

Magical Bones also regularly tours with the West End magic show Impossible and had a sold-out tour at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year.

He is currently planning his first National UK Tour called Black Magic – which is set to go ahead after lockdown finishes.



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