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When The Question Was Posed She Answered

In a bid to highlight the phenomenal work of female artists for the masses, independent curator, Gita Joshi, has partnered with the team behind South London Women Artists (SLWArtists) to host a virtual exhibition. The online showcase, titled She answered, “Art”, launched on 14 April and includes over 40 pieces created by the critically acclaimed group of visual artists.

The She answered, “Art” exhibition was created with the core belief that art is often the answer to everything in mind, and each artist within SLWArtists submitted pieces that expressed their ‘art answer’. The pieces together form a collective articulation of diverse voices, showing how differently female visual artists honour their creative calling through art making.

Natalie Webb

These are just some of the SLWArtists in this virtual exhibition:

Maria Beddoes: “I am experimenting with ideas of secular iconography, finding the monumental in the everyday.”

Sam Haynes is “engaging local communities with the belief that art has the power to bridge divides within society.”

Natalie Webb “strives to capture the essence of her subjects, with economy of line.”

Ky Lewis wants “to express and present not just a recorded image but also an image imbued with the emotion felt.”

Julia De Greff Ball: “My painting is colourful, free and quite rough – sometimes warm, sometimes strange.”

Michelle Baharier: “My independent practice is embedded in D.I.Y punk activist traditions.”

The She answered, “Art” exhibition can be accessed here:

SLWArtists was launched in 2008 and is a not-for-profit association managed and run by its members. The collective often creates exhibitions and events throughout the year, empowering women from a range of professions within the art world to share their expertise.


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