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Line up of 70 traders and small businesses to fill Peckham Levels announced ahead of October launch

The Peckham Levels line-up has been announced today, as Rye Lane’s multi-storey car park nears its transformation into a haven for artists and budding businesses, Katherine Johnston writes.

Two entire storeys of Rye Lane’s car park will be dedicated to showcasing local cuisine as part of Peckham’s new creative hub.

Seven resident street food traders, two bars, and a new live music venue will aim to cement Peckham’s status as a must-visit destination on the London food scene, dishing up foodie fare from Kurdish cuisine to regional Chinese street food.

Peckham-based local entrepreneurs looking to make their mark include chicken wing duo Drums & Flats, and Canard, who serve classic French confit of duck with a street-food twist.

Peckham Levels aims to provide local creatives and emerging talent with affordable work space across five stories of the multi-story car park, with a further two storeys becoming a drink and food destination crowned by roof-top  favourite, Frank’s Campari Bar.

Ten per cent of future profits from the hub will be put back into community projects, with the aim of supporting local talent in the face of financial and social challenges across the borough.

Brought to Peckham by the team behind Pop Brixton, working with Southwark Council, the revamped car park will create 500 jobs.

Seventy-five per cent of members will hail from Peckham itself, with a further ten per cent based in Southwark. Applications to join were hugely popular with more than 300 whittled down to 70 successful places awarded so far.

Peckham Levels plans for Peckham town centre car park

Luds Van De Belt from Peckham Levels said: “Our members are the heart and soul of Peckham Levels, and we couldn’t be more excited about the inspiring group of people we’ll be working and playing alongside over the coming years.

“It’s a huge milestone to finally begin telling the world who they are. We cannot wait to open our doors, and harness the energy and talent in this area to help Peckham Levels grow into one of the most exciting cultural destinations in London.”

Peckham Levels is due to open its doors this October. For news and the full line-up, visit


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