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Over 300 Herne Hill schoolkids set new Guinness world record with mural

Over 300 kids from eight Herne Hill schools have helped set a new world record for the highest number of contributions to a colour-by-numbers artwork.

The kids were part of 2,332 residents who contributed to a mural colouring over September 12 – 13, smashing the previous record of 1,119 participants in Mexico.

They were painting a 40m mural of Herne Hill highlights on the underpass which runs between Station Square and Milkwood Road.

Lucy Reynolds, who managed the project with the Herne Hill Forum, said: “We are so excited that we believe we have broken the Guinness World Record.

“The event has been a massive community led project that has brought together everyone, to transform our underpass into a space that is beautiful, right at the heart of the Herne Hill community.

“The support we had was a true inspiration and reflection of the spirit of this community.”

The children were joined in their record breaking efforts by actor and local resident Mark Rylance

The schoolchildren were joined in their efforts by film star Mark Rylance, who is best known for playing the BFG in the movie adaptation of Roald Dahl’s book.

The actor and local resident said: “It’s great that this space can be celebrated and has been decorated especially by the children.”

The primary schools involved included those for kids with special educational needs as well as one for children with learning difficulties.

The Herne Hill Forum commissioned artist Victor Szepessy to design the artwork, which is part of an effort to renovate the area.

He said: “It’s a living piece of art, reflecting Herne Hill residents’ knowledge of what makes the place unique, key buildings, the local Brockwell Park, as well as its history, and all the people that make this community including historical figures and local celebrities.

“I have been overwhelmed with the number of people who have pitched into make this happen, from those that have painted, to the volunteers who have helped organise today’s event.”

Children coloured in the history Mural which will be hung in the in Herne Hill railway tunnel Photograph by Amit Lennon

The mural was created on parachute fabric, which will then be pasted into place once completed, before being covered with anti-graffiti varnish.

There are also plans for the disused space above the station – where the event was held – close to the mural to be turned into a community room and new town hall.

Ms Reynolds added: “The space above the station is huge, with beautiful views across Herne Hill. Our vision is to turn this forgotten place into a vibrant forum for events, activities and entrepreneurship, harnessing the demand for a new civic space right at the heart of our community.

“We would love to hear people’s ideas for how we might use this space.”



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