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GLAD is a London based self-proclaimed outsider artist who approaches the everyday as art. His mantra is QFB – Ask QUESTIONS thru art. Have FUN thru art. Share BEAUTY thru art.

His latest project ‘C19SI’, aims to provoke a conversation around the risks we calculate and measure each minute as we navigate the new ‘House Rules’ in the Covid-19 maze. For the past 40 days and 40 nights, GLAD has been searching London for discarded PPE, which he has meticulously bagged up following forensic science guidelines into evidence bags. The locations for each search has been guided by the spin of a roulette wheel within a ten miles radius around London.

GLAD feels that art should be accessible for all and prescribed for those suffering from mental health issues. ‘C19SI’ highlights the role that PPE and the NHS have played in safeguarding the nation. In recycling this material GLAD explores the statement that – Everyone Is an Artist. He hopes to flip the horrors that Personal Protective Equipment can prevent into artistic creations of Pure Prescribed Enchantment. Art Starts Anywhere. Art starts here.

There will be the opportunity to meet the artist and GLAD will be offering tours both virtually and in person for buyers via

Luigia Minichiello

There will be FREE workshops entitled ‘Life’s A Gamble’ where visitors/new artists can craft their own medal to include a PPE message from a gambling chip.

GLAD’s most recent work, which was commissioned for the Meals For The NHS campaign, ‘Covid19 vs Love’ incorporated £5 and £10 notes and the message from Churchill: ‘I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat’, or was that the nurses and doctors? It created a bidding war at auction which raised £17k.

His first noted collaboration was in the Saatchi Gallery opening in 2003 as part of Spencer Tunick’s showpiece installation. This multimedia artist has already attracted headlines when on International Women’s Day GLAD invited women to suggest graffiti messages they wished to be projected onto the Houses of Parliament in 2018. Scales of Worth had a cameo appearance projected alongside messages of female strength.

For a quick summary of GLAD’s career so far:

C19SI opens at GALLERY DIFFERENT 14 Percy St, Fitzrovia, London W1T 1DR from 23-27 September 2020. Opening hours: 08:00am –22:00pm daily. Admission: Free


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