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Brontë sisters’ play at Southwark Playhouse’s cast announced

A new musical about the Brontës at Southwark Playhouse in September has announced its cast, writes Danny Wiser…

The rock musical, Wasted, will take place at the large space at the theatre from Thursday, 6 September until Saturday, 6 October.

Sheridan Smith’s understudy at hit musical Funny Girl, Natasha Barnes, could not contain her excitement when she spoke to Southwark News.

“Southwark Playhouse is on my bucket list. It is such an exciting venue. It is always somewhere that I loved.

“I think whether you are a fan of musical, Brontës or rock it ticks a load of different boxes.”

Natasha has been cast as the role of Charlotte Brontë and it is a dream come true.

She said: “This is what I got into the business for and maybe somebody else will be doing their version of Charlotte Brontë in 20 years looking at my work.

“It is amazing, I have worked with different projects on the Brontës all of my life.”

The theatre and TV actress who has previously performed on ITV’s Doc Martin claims that for her acting is not about celebrity recognition.

Her love for the Brontës has been continuous and existed for many years before she did a radio play about them.

“It has never been about fame and notoriety.

“I want people to see the struggle of being born with such great talent is not just a recent phenomenon,” she said, citing examples of Marilyn Munroe and Amy Winehouse.

Working with director, Adam Lenson, on Wasted is another dream come true for Natasha.

“He is a total champion of new theatre. He is one of the foremost directors in musical theatre. He knows it has to change direction and evolve.”


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