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Big Slit in Matt’s Gallery

Matt’s Gallery reopens its Bermondsey space with Big Slit, a new work developed by Leah Capaldi during and in response to the successive lockdowns that have taken place across the UK over the last year.

Big Slit pulls together elements of sculpture, installation, performance and moving image, drawing on a range of themes recurrent in the artist’s practice. The work exists at the slippery intersection of sculpture and performance, rotating the roles of subject and object through surveillance and spectatorship.

A static body is in a state of continuous performance. Restricted from view, broadcast live. The work aims to amalgamate real life performance and live broadcast circulating the sticky shared reality in between.

Capaldi’s interventions into the space imply a degree of violence. They remain minimal yet puncture the space, altering how we move through it.

Big Slit exists between the exhibition at the gallery and a live feed broadcast online at Both visitors and performer will be recorded by CCTV during opening hours.

The work offers a new dimension to Capaldi’s exploration of performance sculpture – an active state that takes place at the interface between live body, moving image and object.

Big Slit will be accompanied by Q5, the fifth instalment in our ongoing series of artist interviews.

Booking: 7237 0398.

Matt’s Gallery, 92 Webster Road, Bermondsey, London SE16 4DF


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