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‘We want well-to-do regulars with trendy clothes’ says proposed Bermondsey bar

A proposed bar in the former Natwest bank on the corner of Tower Bridge Road says it wants sophisticated “well-to-do” regulars who are only wearing “trendy and nicer clothing.”

Masq London Ltd, which describes itself as a real estate company, has asked for permission from the council to set up a bar and restaurant in the Grade 2-listed building.

“Overall, we want our regulars to be well-to-do (or aspiring to be so), we want them to come to our bar in small, or intimate groups (e.g. mature city professionals in smart business casual),” the applicants say.

“But we don’t want to attract in [a] large crowd, unless it’s a private party.” 

The restaurant would allow casual entry, says the application but the bar will have an advance booking policy or casual entry with a cover charge.

This is because “we want the type of regulars that we will end up attracting, to fit the type of person we imagined when we are setting up our Bar & Restaurant,” say the applicants.

The business says its “mixed crowd” must have “spent some time prepping to go out for the night in trendy and nicer clothing.” 

Regulars will want a “quiet, intimate, and beautiful atmosphere that matches their level of sophistication,” it adds.

The applicants have also stated they want a stage for what they call “live subtle music” such as jazz and karaoke.

The licensing application will be considered at a hearing on Thursday, October 29.

If approved, the bar would be in the ground floor and basement floor of the building, with some outdoor space.



  1. in other words, the sort of place our local Labour councilors can meet up and be as far away as possible from the scum bag local working class we were elected to represent

  2. So, the applicants have also stated they want a stage for what they call “live subtle music” such as jazz and karaoke.
    I can understand subtle jazz, it’s what you hear when you phone the Council while waiting to speak to someone.
    But, Subtle Karaoke? How can you have Subtle Karaoke?
    What planet are these people on.

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