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Lockdown Brings Trio Together to Celebrate Beethoven

Concert pianist Eva Doroszkowska was a subject in a recent series of Southwark News’ interviews conducted with local residents who were connected to the arts, where she said: ‘One of the things I missed most about being on lockdown was chamber music and meeting with other musicians.’ Eva kept up with local life by reading those interviews, writes Michael Holland…

‘I read about other musicians and one of them that struck me was cellist Michelle So, who I guessed had similar training to mine. I contacted her and discovered that we had people in common, plus, we got on well. We have been rehearsing ever since for a livestream concert from Sands Films.’
Eva invited another performer, Carleen Ebbs, a soprano from south London who she had worked with previously, and this coming together of like-minded musicians looks to be a very special event that can be enjoyed safely from your own home.
Kammermusik will celebrate Beethoven’s 250th anniversary with songs by Schubert, Schumann, and, of course, Ludwig Van, the man himself, where ‘cello, voice and piano will combine to weave a web of intimacy and poetry.’
This concert is free with the opportunity to donate to the performers and the venue for the work they have put in for our delectation.

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