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Thieves nearly ruin Bermondsey boy’s 8th birthday

Heartless thieves stole barbecue equipment that had been put out for a little autistic boy’s eighth birthday in Bermondsey last week.

Jennie Sherringham, who lives on Ann Moss Way near Lower Road, put out a barbecue and two fire pits in her garden for her son’s eighth birthday on Friday, April 30.

Thinking they would be safe on the relatively quiet residential street, she left for the school run, with the barbecue equipment still in the garden.

But when she got back later that morning, the barbecue, fire pits and her son Nadir’s bike were all gone – at a combined cost of about £300, Sherringham said.

“My son is autistic, so once things are set it’s set,” she said. “Obviously for the barbecue stuff to go, as well as his bike, meaning there was a probability that he might not get a party for his birthday, that really overwhelmed him and he was very upset.”

Luckily a kind neighbour stepped in to save the day, lending new barbecue equipment so the birthday could still go ahead as planned on Friday.


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