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Teen injured as Rotherhithe BBQ gets out of hand

Mystery surrounds an incident which sent a teenager to hospital as a Rotherhithe barbecue which got out of hand on Saturday evening.

Rumours of a shooting were rife around the Silverlock Estate after residents heard a bang and saw an ambulance arrive at a party in the communal outdoor area. Some eye witnesses said they saw a man shoot a gun into the air.

The police confirmed to the News that they were called at 10.20pm to reports of a shooting, but when they arrived they found a young man with minor injuries who had been hurt by a stray exploding gas canister, which had got onto the barbecue. They insisted no firearm was involved.

The London Ambulance Service treated a young man in his teens for a head injury and he was taken to hospital as a priority.

The party started earlier on in the afternoon, but by 7.30pm it had got so out of hand that residents started calling the council to complain about the noise.

An hour later council officials turned up on site and told the organiser to shut the party down. Because of the large amount of people present, they were given twenty minutes to get everyone off site.

Further complaints were received by the council up until 8.40pm, when the noise was stopped.

Cllr Michael Situ, Southwark’s cabinet member for communities and safety, said: “The event that took place at the weekend was not sanctioned by the council and we had no prior knowledge it was due to take place.

“It’s good for people to socialise and enjoy the fine weather we’ve been having with their friends and family, but it’s important that people are considerate to their neighbours and communities.”



  1. This is a lie. It was a shooting and the kid got shot in the back of the head. There are eye witnesses

  2. No its not true he fell and banged his head inwas there tge story has been remixed tge boy was out ofnhospital the next day

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