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Tate Modern: Boy, 6, ‘thrown 100 feet from platform’ not able to speak, move or eat, say parents

The boy ‘thrown’ from the Tate Modern is not able to speak, eat, or move most of his body, his parents have said.

The six-year-old was allegedly hurled from the tourist attraction’s viewing platform early last month, and was seriously injured after falling over 100 feet.

A seventeen-year-old boy has been charged with attempted murder in connection with the fall.

In an emotional update posted online, the little boy’s parents spoke of their anguish that their son could not understand why he was unable to eat even a little bit of yoghurt.

He has since begun to move his tongue, right arm and hand, they added, after sustaining bleeding on the brain, and a fractured spine, arms and legs.

“Our little boy doesn’t know anymore how to speak, to eat or to move his body but he begins to do his best to move his tongue, his right arm and hand,” they said in an update posted online on Sunday.

“We see his efforts. We believe with all our heart that he will find the way, from his head, to do everything again. He is very brave.

“He keeps on smiling and reacting to our jokes. We begin to see also, unfortunately, his suffering, since two days, when he understands that he does not manage to move or eat.

“Actually, he understands everything, but doesn’t understand why he cannot manage to eat or swallow a little bit of yoghourt [sic] for instance. And he wants so much to be able to do it.”

A fundraiser set up for the boy and his family, who are French nationals, has raised nearly €100,000 for the six-year-old to receive gold standard care.

The page was set up by well-wisher Vicky Diplacto, who was not known to the family. “I have started this campaign as it is a truly horrendous incident,” said the nurse, explaining why she set up the page.

“My family were unfortunately in a similar situation five years ago when my brother suffered a similar accident.”

However, the little boy’s parents have also spoken of their hope that he will make a full recovery, adding that they felt they have to remain strong for him.

“Today, we want to tell you that we don’t have the choice: we have to be strong for our little boy,” the update continued.

“First because he keeps on smiling and making progress bravely, and secondly because we see that you count on us to take care of him.

“And we sincerely thank you for that. We will do everything to keep strong and take care of him. We promise. We hope we will have better news for you later.”

Neither the boy, nor his alleged attacker, can be named for legal reasons. The seventeen-year-old is due to stand trial next year.


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