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Shocking footage shows car turned into fireball by arsonists

Police have asked the public to help them identify two arsonists, whose attack on a parked car saw it turned into a fireball within seconds.

PC Matthew Wilkinson, dedicated ward officer for South Bermondsey, has released CCTV footage of two people wanted in connection with an arson attack on a car in Elgar Street, Rotherhithe.

The footage shows the assailants, believed to be two men, strolling down the road at about 4am on September 14 last year, before heading straight for a silver Volkswagen Polo parked on the side of the road.

Pictured: The two people police are looking for in connection to an arson attack on a car parked in Elgar Street, Rotherhithe

One of them is captured emptying out some sort of accelerant from a container on to the bonnet of the car, before dousing the roof of the car as well.

The second person then appears to set something alight before throwing it at the car, which instantly turns into a fireball as they run off in the direction they first came from.

PC Wilkinson is keen to speak to a person, believed to be a male in a hoodie, who is seen walking past the car in the direction of where the arsonists came from about fifteen minutes before they struck.

Firefighters arrive at the scene minutes after the arsonists make off in the direction they appeared from

The man is not connected to the incident but police are appealing for him to get in touch in case he saw or heard anything.

“The victim parked their car at about 8pm the previous evening and was woken at 4am by all of the commotion,” PC Wilkinson said.

“We’ve done a leaflet drop for the whole of the area; anywhere within sight or hearing of the address and got nothing back from that,” he said.

Firefighters work to put out the fireball

“We’ve done CCTV inquiries of another camera owned by Southwark Council from the other end of the street but they obviously didn’t come from there.

“I’ve done inquiries at the two local petrol stations because an accelerant was used – although I can’t say it was petrol.

“Any information at all that we can use to try and locate the two persons who’ve committed this crime will be of great assistance.

“Please help us to catch these two selfish people.”

PC Wilkinson said the car, which had a 2011 registration plate, was a “complete write off” and was worth about £4,500.

Anyone with information is urged to contact PC Wilkinson, dedicated ward officer for South Bermondsey, on 0208 721 2802 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.



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