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Ex-offenders probation hostel could move to new building near Old Kent Road

A probation hostel could be relocated to Bagshot Street, following a fresh round of consultations by Southwark Council.

The centre for ex-offenders, Ellison House, accommodates 31 former inmates, and is located in Albany Road, beside the Bradenham block of the Aylesbury Estate.

Working with the Ministry of Justice and the National Probation Service, the council has decided to have the centre moved before it hopes to demolish phases 1B and 1C of the Aylesbury Estate.

The new site would bring the ex-offenders centre closer to Surrey Square Park, at the most northerly edge of Burgess Park, near Walworth Academy.

A public consultation letter, delivered to nearby residents in June, said: “Approved Premises are managed by the London Probation Trust and are used to help ex-offenders readjust to society and rebuild their lives following a prison sentence.”



  1. That’s a photo of old office in Southwark Council block Bradenham. Ellison House is smaller block the next one down Albany Road.

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