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Pregnant woman loses baby after ‘vile attack’

Police are appealing for witnesses to come forward after a brutal assault on a heavily pregnant woman resulted in the loss of her baby.

The victim, who was 32 weeks pregnant, was kicked repeatedly in the stomach and her unborn child could not be saved.

The 21-year-old woman was walking down Talfourd Place in Peckham, at around 8pm on Monday evening when she was approached by two men wearing motorbike crash helmets.

They pushed her to the ground and continually kicked and stamped on her stomach before they ran off towards Denman Road.

A member of the public called police who gave first aid at the scene. The victim was taken to a south London hospital where she lost her baby. She remains in a critical condition in intensive care.

Investigating officer Detective Chief Inspector Robert Pack, from the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: “This was a truly abhorrent and vile attack on a heavily pregnant woman who has now, tragically, lost her baby.

“The men who attacked her must have known the impact their actions would have when they kicked her repeatedly in the stomach. It is sickening to think someone would deliberately target a pregnant woman in this way.

“The suspects were distinctive in their crash helmets and we would appeal for anyone who saw them either before the attack or running from the scene to please come forward and contact us.”

The two men were black and aged in their 20s.

A 20-year-old man was arrested on Tuesday, 16 June and remains in custody at this stage.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the incident room on 020 8345 3985 or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.



  1. Whoever did this must be found. When the are the should be charged with murder. That is the crime they have committed and that is what the lawless scum must be charged with. Anything less is grossly unacceptable and the appropriate authorities should be pestered both at work and at home, until they order the aforementioned charges to be pressed. And any judge or magistrate whon issues a “slapped wrist” punishment for such crimes should be instantly removed from office and they themselves should be prosecuted for aiding and abetting these thugs. Cameron…if you want to remain in office, then order the appropriate ministers to make the necessary changes. Do this and do it now! If you do not then this nation, once the envy of the world, will degenerate into total lawlessness. You have formed a new government USE IT.
    My heartfelt commisserations to the poor lady who was the victim of this VILE assault. And may God protect and guard your poor child.. Lee KBE

  2. Words cannot described how sick I felt reading this, such radical behaviour
    surely deserves the death penatly!!! Man up UK and do the right thing. How much more hideously horrendous crimes are you letting these perfectic excuses for human beings getting away with!!! NO MORE HANG THEM

  3. Re your comment about this vile act. I agree wholeheartedly. We have to reintroduce the death penalty. Cameron will never do it as he is a gutles, spineless wimp. As are most of his tory cronies. The ver fact of death as a possible punishment is enough to dissuade most criminals from committing their crimes in the first place. We do not necessarily have to enforce this unltimate punishment. But at least it would be another weapon in our arsenal against crime. Make me prime minister and I would reintroduce the death penalty within days of taking office. And lets face it, I couldn’t make more of a cock up of leading the nation than the last half dozen or more PMs have could I.

  4. Suggestion time folks: How do people feel about getting up a fund to raise some money for this poor unfortunate lady. I know it will not bring the lost baby back, but it would at least show her that the majority of people are actually quite decent citizens who abhorr acts like this. So come on guys.. lets all do without just one small luxury this weekend and put the money aside for this cause. I will start the ball rolling by not going to the pub this evening and instead donating the money.Opinions please…

  5. All these little rude boys who think they are gangsta. Your wanksta. Scum bags low life scum. I lived in Peckham for 6 years it’s full of idiots like this but then ain’t most of London now. We need to teach our children that’s it’s not a good thing to act this way. The problem lays with the parents. Morals manners respect has everyone forgotten these things. Animals ?

  6. I say bring back National service as soon as these boys and girls reach 16 make them join the army to learn respect for people…don’t know who they think they are? It’s getting worse everywhere..

  7. it is very clear this woman was targeted specifically with the intention of killing the baby, somebody was not very happy about this child being born. should be pretty easy to narrow down the suspects but getting the proof for conviction a little more difficult but there will be a major effort by the authorities to bring them to justice, they should be dealt with like murderers and also the organisers of the crime as well.

  8. Women, for those of us that are women, this crime effects us all. I feel she needs to receive letters of support to know that as women we are aware and we support her, that this act of savagery of the murder of her unborn child has not gone unnoticed, that she must be strong and brave and become all that she can be in her life and rise above those who made her a victim, above those that took the life of her baby. Above those that savagely roam the streets as lost empty demonic souls, emotionless and heartless and capable of such horrific crimes. May her soul now be strong, to overcome, to rise above the grief like a phoenix and be healed. She will not forgot because victims do not forget but as a therapist and healer, I speak this: May every tear, cleanse her heart and mind and body and soul, may every voiced cry and primal wail of despair be the judgement on those who took her child, may her spirit be her guide and the desire of her mind and heart for her life, for her good and betterment be realized, may Guardian Angels walk with her and protect her and guide her as she finds her strength to face the world without fear, May the earth beneath her feet become stepping stones towards her success so she can become an exemplary woman, so she can rise up, so she can become the bearer of her story with how she turned it around to become a success to fulfill her dreams and not be destroyed by her experience and may she come to know joy, love and happiness, so she can look back on her life one day and know she not only survived but thrived!!! AMEN… If any healers read this, send her healing, women and men, send love, therapists and councillors, offer your support to her now .

  9. The problem with the children in this country is they are led to believe that they can do whatever they want ant the government will support them with tons of services.What about the goverment allowing us to chastise our children from a young age on the way our paren did it.These children has more rights than their caregivers
    Never spare the rod and spoil the child.Children are protected from chastisement to become the wild animals ,yet as adult the law has a field day ill treating ,beating and killing them.What sense foes all this protecyion serve

  10. This is very sickening, they are animal in human skin and should be brought to justice. I am totally against the stupid law that protects heartless children who commit horrific crimes, instead they send out so called social workers to take away children that are well trained the way we were brought up in the name of CHILD ABUSE, and gives these psychic kids upper hand over their parents. Spare a rod spoil the child.
    Majority of our leaders if not all were smacked and sometimes beaten at a point in their life when growing up for some corrective measures and that is why they are where they are today. So where has the morals gone to? ? where is the discipline? ? what kind of law is leading our kids astray? ? what kind of justice is in place for situations as barbaric as this? ?, when they go to jail and come out, they even become worse, leaders of gangs, drug dealers/addict. Something needs to be done and quick

  11. luckily you are not correct these people are known to thevictim familiy friends and police and there will be plenty of forensics

  12. they will have to face a judge acting on behalf of the victim who i am sure will see the evil within them ?

  13. i was just being diplomatic, it was obvious who was responsible, ime glad they have the person and hope they get them all, ( his helpers) and send them to prison for a very long time. lets hope the poor lass can come through this ok, what she is going through is horrible and will effect her whole life

  14. Hello To you Sir. May I thank you for you willingnes to step up to the plate and offer your donation. However, Having contacted the local Police, they are unable to provide details of the family, which is perfectly understandable. What is rather disappointing is that they are unwilling to accept any donations for this poor lady on the grounds that they have to remain “Impartial”. I will try to find an alternative collection point. However it looks as though this may be a non starter. Notwithstand all thet I do thank you for you noble act of public spirit. I wish more people were as willing as you to help under such circumstances. Yours sincerely. Sir Paul L Lee KBE. P.S. If you are ever in the Twickenham area Pop in to the Bloomsbury Pub at 209, Staines Road Twickenham TW2 5BB and I will happily buy you a beer or two.

  15. I totally agree bring back national service, for both young
    men and women age 18 to 21 years. My father in law completed his national service gained a new skill, and continued to work and support his family until he retired age 70. Discipline earns respect, respect for one self goes a long way to leading the next generation along the right path in life.

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