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‘More than one fatality’ after London Bridge terrorist attacks

A suspected terrorist attack has left ‘more than one’ dead and scores wounded, as chaotic, terrifying scenes unfolded around London Bridge on Saturday night.

At around 10:15pm, eyewitnesses reported seeing a white B&Q van, allegedly driven by a man, careering into a crowd of pedestrians on London Bridge. It is thought that at least six people were seriously injured, with reports coming in of more than one fatality.

As armed police descended on the scene, closing the bridge off in both directions, a second incident took place around the pubs of Borough Market, with people fleeing three men, allegedly armed with long knives and stabbing passerby and drinkers in pubs. Police said multiple stabbings took place in the Southwark Tavern and on Southwark Street, while they were then called to a third incident in Vauxhall.


Update at 1:02am:
Police have confirmed that the incidents at London Bridge and Borough Market were terrorist attacks. The third incident, at Vauxhall, was a stabbing, but was unconnected.

Further updates will follow…



  1. Never mind. There’ll be a candle lighting, a sing song, a denial that the enemy are “real” Muslims and things will go on as normal. Goodbye Western civilisation.

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