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Nut on our watch! Borough police launch crackdown on Tower Bridge nut sellers

Borough coppers have launched a crackdown on unlicensed street vendors selling caramelised nuts and peanuts near to Tower Bridge.

Police began their operation by Tower Bridge on January 31, after fed-up residents complained of a spate of nut sellers cashew-ing in without obtaining correct permissions.

“Nut seller moved on and given a strong verbal warning for now! All documented for first phase of prosecution,” said officers from London Bridge and West Bermondsey on Twitter on the first day of operation, dubbed ‘Nick the Nut No More.’

But less than twenty-four hours later, the same nut seller went back to the same spot to carry on trading, said police, despite the warning.

After a tip-off from a member of the public, the vendor was reported and the cart seized.

“Today, the same trader returned, so did Southwark MPS and Borough and Bankside MPS to report the trader and seize the peanut cart,” said officers from Borough and Bankside police.

A second vendor in the same place the following day was also reported by police and had his items seized.

“I will fill another container if I have to until these people understand it ain’t happening any longer!” said a London Bridge officer.

Police and Trading Standards have previously shut down street vendors selling the nuts outside Blackfriars, with both trolleys being seized in

“‘Fly traders’ or people selling goods on the streets without a licence create obstructions for pedestrians and are unfair competition to legitimate traders and businesses,” states Southwark Council guidance.

“This illegal activity ranges from sellers of counterfeit DVDs to sellers of roasted peanuts.

“Illegal street traders aren’t tolerated and if caught, risk prosecution, a fine of £1000 and loss of all their goods.”

Without a licence, there is no way of knowing whether goods sold are safe, adds the guidance.



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