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Savage dog attack on Nunhead woman’s one-year-old Chihuahua


A young woman has told of her horror after watching a Bull Terrier maul her tiny Chihuahua to death.

The 21-year-old Nunhead woman was carrying her dog Smoky in her arms while walking along Carden Road at 7.15pm on Monday when four teenaged boys approached her.

The woman, who did not want to be named, said the boys seized Smoky from her arms, and threw the one-year-old puppy on the floor, before setting the “sandy-coloured” bull terrier on him.

Barely speaking through her tears as she spoke to the News, the woman said: “I was walking near my nan’s house. I walked Smoky every day. He was my baby.

“He was my only dog and he was lovely and friendly.

“But there was nothing I could do. They broke his neck and they murdered him. I picked Smoky up and ran back to my mum’s house.”

She said she had never seen any of the boys before but described them as all between fourteen and eighteen years old and black, with dark clothing.

She recalls the boys telling her to give Smoky to them, and trying to snatch Smoky from her after she refused. She then remembers them “just laughing” before disappearing up Carden Road.

“There was a woman on the other side of the road who saw the whole thing, but she didn’t say or do anything,” the traumatised woman said. “I just ran to my nan’s house with Smoky and broke down. We have buried him in my nan’s garden.

“I don’t know if the boys were local. I have never seen them before. But it’s their dog who deserved to be murdered, not Smoky.”

Smoky sleeping in his owner’s arms

The woman said she had found Smoky after rescuing the Chihuahua puppy from a previous owner who had “kicked it about” and left him with a damaged eye.

Her grandmother, who lives near Peckham Rye Park, called the boys and their dog “disgusting”.

“It was still quite bright a 7.15pm, I just can’t believe they would do this. My granddaughter is devastated, she’s heartbroken. This dog was like a tiny baby. She carried it everywhere in her bag or her coat.”

A Met Police spokesman confirmed that they were called at about 7.15pm on Monday, following reports of a dog bitten by another dog in Carden Road, SE15. The woman was not injured during the attack, and no arrests have yet been made, but police are currently investigating.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Southwark Police on 101 quoting ref: 3007526/16. Alternatively they can contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.



  1. Evil, beastial devils. How devastating for the young woman to lose her beloved little friend like that. Catch the monsters and deal with them fittingly. It will take years for the victim to come to terms with what happened – if she can ever come to terms with it at all. For crying out loud we need to destroy the connection between lowlife, stupid, venial scumbags and that whole section of the domesticated canine spectrum that they prize so highly.

  2. i imagine that nothing much will happen to the vile young thugs , even if they are caught . im thinking that these punks will not be bringing good things upon themselves .

  3. Pit bulls are dangerous dogs. They are more likely to kill humans than all other dog breeds combined. The next victim from this dog could be a child. We need to put legislation in place to protect people who are not criminals.

    It seems there is plenty of legislation in place to protect criminals and their pit bulls these days.

  4. Sounds like these humans need to be put down. If they are doing this now as teens I doubt they will be better towards other humans. Doesn’t anyone have video cameras in this area?

  5. But we should in many cases. Especially the ignorant Pit owners in this case who intentionally killed this dog by using the Pit as a weapon.

  6. Good for the UK. I know it does prevent people from flaunting the laws, but it gives some legal credence for compensation, and better laws in the future.

  7. “What is a pit bull?

    The legal definition of a pit bull is a class of dogs that includes the following breeds: American pit bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American bulldog1 and any other pure bred or mixed breed dog that is a combination of these dogs. Weight and shape can vary significantly amongst pit bulls, from 35 to 100 plus pounds.2 (Please see Disguise Breed Name to learn more about the deliberate renaming and mislabeling of pit bulls throughout history.)”

    (anyone else reading this is from Dogsbite dot org, please check out the site 😉

  8. Saying that the other dog deserves to be murdered isn’t really fair!! its not the dogs fault it has been brought up and taught to do that its the owners!! Still people are blaming the animal and not the human its a joke!!! I have 2 Chihuahua and a staffy x akita and they get on perfectly because that’s how they are brought up!!!

  9. You are so ignorant blaming the wrong end of the leash!! It is how a dog is brought up that determines it’s behaviour, NO DOG IS BORN BAD!!

  10. I’d like to offer a £250 reward for information leading to the conviction of this scum. News editor feel free to use this offer in your paper. Contact: Many thanks.

  11. The problem with them is their locking jaws. Something that humans bred into them and now condemns them for. I have been bitten by a Westie, a Yorkie and a mongrel. Never a bull breed.

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