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Man who fatally struck holidaymaker in Borough throwing her body fifteen metres is jailed

A man who fatally struck a holidaymaker in Borough while driving dangerously, throwing her body fifteen metres in front of her two sons, has been jailed.

Jack Headley Gough, of Welling, confessed in March to causing the death of Muriel Sanna by dangerous driving on July 23 2018.

The 28-year-old must now serve 32 months behind bars for the motorbike collision on Great Dover Street.

He hit Ms Sanna, who had been holidaying in London with her two sons from France, with his silver Suzuki shortly before 7pm that evening.

A post-mortem revealed that 45-year-old Muriel had died of multiple traumatic injuries as a result of Gough’s ‘shockingly irresponsible’ speed.

Gough was himself injured as a result, but has since made a full recovery. Witnesses told police they had seen Gough driving at an excessive speed above the 30mph speed limit, when he struck Muriel, originally from Nice.

Speaking last week, Detective Constable Tom Matthews said: “My thoughts are with Muriel and her family who must live the rest of their lives without her.

“I am thankful that the rider pleaded guilty and saved the family the ordeal of a trial.

“Great Dover Street is in a built-up area of London, the speed limit is there for a reason and ignoring it could result in serious injuries and fatalities, which cause devastation for everyone involved like in this case.

“If Gough was adhering to the speed limit then the collision would not have happened.

“During sentencing the Judge said that Gough’s speed was ‘shockingly irresponsible’.

“All road users have a responsibility to drive to the conditions around them for their safety and the safety of others.”


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