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Man flees police in his underwear after breaking bail conditions in Camberwell

A man wanted for breaking his bail conditions has been caught and arrested by Camberwell Neighbourhood officers after fleeing through the streets of Camberwell in his underwear in the middle of the day.

The man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was released on bail under a condition that he did not directly contact his ex-partner, who he is accused of attacking and knocking her teeth out.

However, the court issued a warrant for his arrest after he tried to directly contact her during this period.

Inspector Tom Cornish, Met Police’s neighbourhood inspector for Southwark, said: “As part of the standard roles of neighbourhood community officers, as well as dealing with community concerns, they will check on which wanted people live on their patch.

“Camberwell Neighbourhood officers called in at his family address after hearing he was wanted by the court.

“The officer spoke to him at the door. He was initially quite nervous, but still cooperative.

“And then suddenly, out of the blue, he fled and jumped out the window of his flat. It just shows how people can switch.

“He was only wearing his underwear and socks.

“Officers dashed through the flat and followed him, vaulting several fences and chasing him down three streets, until he was found hiding in a stairwell in a housing estate.

“The man has now been charged.”

Preventing those accused of domestic violence from contacting their alleged victims is quite standard, added Inspector Cornish.

“The fact that he contacted her again, despite what the court said, will have added to the sense of fear and intimidation for her.

“It shows how seriously the Met takes domestic violence – we prioritise that.”


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