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Fishmongers’ Hall deaths: Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones victims of ‘unlawful killing’

The two victims of the November 2019 London Bridge attack were “unlawfully killed”, the inquest into their deaths has found.

Jack Merritt and Saskia Jones were stabbed to death by Usman Khan at a criminal rehabilitation event at Fishmongers Hall on the north side of the bridge on November 29.

A six-week inquest into the events surrounding their death finished today (Friday May 28) after in-depth interviews with other people who had been at the scene, including some who had witnessed their deaths.

The inquest also found failings by police and MI5 over how Khan was managed after being released from prison. He was let out on licence in 2018 after being imprisoned for eight years for terrorism offences.

Coroner Judge Mark Lucraft may also now make a separate report setting out recommendations for preventing future deaths of this kind.

Police giving evidence at the inquest said that Khan strapped eight-inch knives to his hands before attacking Merritt and Jones shortly before 2pm at the event. They both died at about 2.30pm, despite receiving treatment from other people at the event and paramedics.

Khan inflicted serious stab wounds, on two other people, but they both survived. Others received minor injuries.

Three men from the event bravely pursued Khan out onto London Bridge as police arrived. Khan was wearing what appeared to be a suicide vest, which was later discovered to be a “hoax”, made of a “slimming belt”, a battery charger and X-Box components. He was shot several times and died shortly afterwards.

A separate inquest into Khan’s death also began on Friday.



  1. I have never heard the question asked …’how did he get in with all those knives ‘ . Was there no searches at the entrance ? This would never have happened and lives would not have been lost if adequate security had been in place . Blame the police and MI5 as much as you like but the organisers of this event facilitated it happening.

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