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‘Danger to women’ locked up after attacking victim outside her Dulwich home

A man who attacked a woman outside her Dulwich home in the early hours of the morning has been jailed for a string of offences.

Yanick Makunga, 34, of Croydon’s Warwick Road was sentence to life behind bars, to serve a minimum of five years and 57 days on Tuesday, (June 25).

Inner London Crown Court heard that Makunga attacked the victim, a woman in her thirties, early on Valentine’s Day, sexually assaulting her.

During the attack, he is said to have told his victim he had a knife and demanded money, marching her to a cash machine where she withdrew some cash.

He left her there, the court heard – but when she returned home, Makunga was waiting for her.

The victim ran off to a relative’s house, where the police were called.

The authorities managed to track him down within an hour, as Makunga had stolen his victim’s mobile – which had an app on it, tracking the movements of the phone.

After being arrested on George Street, Croydon, officers discovered he had other valuables belonging to the victim with him.

He admitted false imprisonment, robbery, committing an offence with intent to commit a sexual offence and possession of cannabis on Friday, 15 March.

He denied attempted rape, but the charge will lie on file.

The court also heard that the he already had a previous conviction for rape, committed in 2009.

Detective Constable Kara Eyre, of the South East Command Unit Safeguarding Team, said: “This was a terrifying attack which has left the victim traumatised. It is every woman’s worst nightmare.

“Even after her cries to stop, he did not hesitate to frogmarch the woman to a cash-point and rob her, and then return to her home to continue to terrorise her.

“The attending officers had the foresight and instinct to quickly establish that the victim’s phone, which Makunga had stolen, could be traced. It ended up leading them right to their suspect, and detaining him so he couldn’t pose any further risk to the public.

“Makunga is a danger to women, and jail is the right place for him.”

Makunga was charged with his various offences on Friday, February 15.


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