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Coronavirus: Jeremy Corbyn’s brother ‘leads’ anti-lockdown protest in Glastonbury

Piers Corbyn, Jeremy Corbyn’s brother, ‘led’ an anti-coronavirus lockdown protest in Glastonbury today – attended by an estimated fifty people.

Mr Corbyn, a Walworth-based activist, was the ‘ringleader’ of the protest, a witness alleged, to which Avon and Somerset Police were called.

The incident has sparked outrage among ‘responsible’ residents of the town, she said.

Footage filmed by the activists in Glastonbury’s Market Place show them remonstrating with police – and denying that social distancing is necessary to stop the spread of the disease.

Gatherings of more than two people are banned by law.

VIDEO: WATCH Protestors gather to defy lockdown

Mr Corbyn – who denies that there is a coronavirus pandemic – can be seen delivering a speech through a loudspeaker at the protest, which ended after 1pm.

“We were really horrified to see it,” said the Glastonbury resident, who did not wish to give her name. “There were about fifty people at one point, there was even a fiddler playing music.

“It was like a typical day in Glastonbury – there was no social distancing at all. Piers was the ringleader, he absolutely incited this big public gathering, and that’s completely irresponsible.”

She estimated that around six or seven police officers attended the scene of the mass gathering in defiance of the lockdown – but she did not see any arrests or action to move the residents on.

Image: Piers Corbyn at the protest today (Image: YouTube)

“They need to explain why during the course of the lockdown, why they allowed this to happen,” she said. “They should’ve arrested Piers Corbyn, I think they should have thrown them all in the back of a police car.”

One video taken by an activist at the scene shows people gathering in the town’s market square in defiance of the lockdown.

Mr Corbyn can be heard in the video giving a speech opposing the lockdown amid the party-like atmosphere.

“We are gathered here today at this time and place that we choose to support those being left behind by the lockdown,” he can be heard to say.

“The lockdown has failed us. It’s caused misery .. there’s no pandemic! If you want to save lives, you should end the lockdown.”

Reputable scientists have overwhelmingly agreed that social distancing measures are necessary to save lives.

Asked by the News whether arrests were made, police said the demonstration was ‘peaceful’ and protestors dispersed once spoken to by officers.

“We attended a small protest in the centre of Glastonbury this afternoon,” said Supt Andy Bennett.

“Approximately 30-40 people turned up and the event was peaceful in nature.

“Officers attended Market Place and engaged with the individuals concerned and explained the need to adhere to the current guidelines and the group subsequently dispersed.

“We are pleased the overwhelming majority of people are complying with the current guidelines around staying at home and social distancing.

“We continue to encourage people to follow this message to help protect our NHS and save lives.”



  1. Contrary to suggestions in the article Police didn’t disperse us. They gave Social distancing advice & watched.

    Our Music4MentalHealth protest of 100 people 12-1pm said #Lockdown is killing more than it’s saving and must be ended by action from below on MayDay May1st

    The SomersetLive source made a number of false claims and did not report very supportive comments from local people participating who want the LOCKDOWN to end now.

    For more information and videos see twitter @piers_corbyn and links in top posts and videos there.

  2. Piers Corbyn, and those that attended DISGRACED other Glastonbury folk who follow government guidelines. Shame on them. Also the police didnt do their jobs and disperse the crowd, they just watched

  3. Week ending 17 April, over 5,000 (non-corona) deaths, in that one week above the 5 Yr national average.
    That’s 5,000+ deaths in one week due to LOCKDOWN. EVERYONE should not just protest – but stand against this Tyranny and just ignore the lockdown. Its unscientific, goes against all natural laws of biology.

  4. What has this got to do with Southwark ? Yet again the Corbyn family are exposed for what they are …bonkers …he’s a disgrace

  5. Well done this guy! I think he should be leading the labour party! To all the Glastonbury folk that think this was wrong: You, like the majority of the country have been had hook, line & sinker! The damage that has been done is irreparable – damage to economies, dependency on govt, more personal freedoms gone to name a few! Wake up!!

  6. Thank you Mr Corbyn ! We need to fight for our freedom.Unfortunately the majority of people are brainwashed by the government.

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