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Bike theft in Southwark up almost 25 percent during lockdown, but only 1.1 per cent of the thieves are caught

New data has revealed that Southwark has seen a 23 per cent increase in lockdown bike thefts, with just 1.1 per cent resulting in the thief being caught, writes Simon Throssell…

Waltham Forest is the borough with the greatest increase at almost one third (30.88%), followed by Haringey (27.52%) and Southwark (23.92%).

London Bridge and Lordship Lane are two of the bike theft hotspots in Southwark.

One resident even had their bike stolen from a secure locker on Albion Street in Rotherhithe.

Bike thieves have been targeting new bikes bought as a result of the cycling ‘boom’ during the lockdown.

With only 1.1 per cent of bike thefts resulting in prosecution, nicking a bike is considered a relatively ‘low-risk’ crime.

As restrictions are lifted and the weather improves, experts warn that these thefts will only continue.

Heat map of bike thefts in Lockdown London

Waltham Forest Council has published advice for residents across London to keep their bikes secure:

  • Use a heavy-duty D-lock that is ideally Sold Secure rated. Buy a lock that costs a third of the value of your bicycle
  • Use two different high-quality locks. This would make it more awkward for thieves as they would have to use different types of tools to remove them. The council recommends a heavy-duty D lock and a robust chain or cable
  • Lock both the frame and wheels to the cycle parking
  • Secure your bike as close to the stand as possible. Your bike needs to be difficult to manoeuvre with no leverage points for thieves
  • Take any quick release parts with you e.g. quick-release saddles and wheels
  • Remove your lights
  • Register your bike. The sticker will put thieves off. It will also make it easier to find, should it get stolen

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