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Bermondsey coffee shop owner’s plea to find antique photograph of relative stolen during break-in

The owner of a Bermondsey coffee shop is asking the public to help find an antique photograph of his great-great uncle after it was stolen during a break-in.

Staff at Crol & Co Coffee, on the corner of Dunton Road and Lynton Road, returned to work on the morning of Monday, July 10, to find several items had been stolen during a break-in.

Thieves managed to make off with the shop till, an iPhone, an oil painting of a young girl – and a large framed antique photograph of co-owner Nico Renson’s great-great Uncle Monty.

The picture of the ancestor had become a shop mascot and was described as a “great loss” by Nico’s partner, and co-owner, Vanessa Crol.

“No one got hurt and most things are replaceable so that is the main thing,” she told the News.

“We are just really sad about the picture as he became such a part of the cafe, people were always asking who he was and it was really nice to be able to say that he was actual family.”

The break-in occurred some time around 4am and 5am on Monday, July 10.

The Crol & Co team have created the hashtag #findmonty in the hope of finding the picture.



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