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Teenager sentenced for year-long spate of sex attacks and stabbings in Croydon

The sixteen-year-old responsible for a spate of stabbings and sexual assaults on schoolgirls in Croydon has been sentenced. 

Police arrested the boy at his home in Thornton Heath in the early hours of 8 November 2020, after a public appeal following six attacks all in the same area. DNA evidence also confirmed his guilt. 

All of his seven victims – six teenage girls and one mother – were targeted between November 2019 to October 2020 and were either physically, or sexually assaulted. His youngest victims were just thirteen.

After committing sex attacks over a year-long period his violent behaviour escalated further and he began stabbing his victims, too.

In separate attacks just days apart in November 2020 he knifed two fifteen-year-old girls during the morning school run.

The court heard the teenager had become addicted to extreme pornography and was acting out his disturbing fantasies.

The boy, whose identity cannot be revealed for legal reasons, was handed four-and-a-half years in custody and three years of license at Croydon Crown Court on Friday, July 16.

He pleaded guilty on Monday, April 12, to two con two counts of causing grievous bodily harm, four counts of sexual assault, one count of assault by penetration, and one count of common assault.  A charge of robbery was left to lie on file.

Detective Sergeant Sarah Barrett, who led the investigation, said: “These attacks were random, and completely unprovoked. 

“The actions of this teenager left not only his victims, but the wider community, scared and concerned for their daughters.

“It remains unclear why he carried out these attacks.

“I would again like to take this opportunity to praise the girls who came forward and helped us with our investigation.”


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