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‘We’ve got no regrets’: Popular Bermondsey fish ‘n’ chip shop closes after 73 years

A Bermondsey couple behind a popular fish ‘n’ chip shop are hanging up their spatulas after more than three decades.

Milton and Georgina Miltiadous were the third generation behind the Victory Fish Bar on Rotherhithe New Road, which was opened in 1947 by Milton’s grandad, Nick.

After shutting up shop during Covid and selling the business, the couple will sadly be the last.

However the pair say they have no regrets at all about running the popular chippy – only wishing they could say a proper farewell to their loyal customers who popped in and out over the years.

The business has been sold on marking the end of the family-run Victory Fish Bar

“Our life was the fish and chip shop,” said Georgina. “There was such a lovely community, the community was almost an extension of our family.”

Husband Milton added: “We’ve had a really good time at the shop. It’s very difficult to come away from – we owe the people in the area a lot.”

The pair took over the running of the chippy in 1987 from Milton’s father. The family at the time also owned the Blue Anchor chip shop off Southwark Park Road, which was sold in the nineties.

It was never the plan for Georgina to work in the chippy, Milton told the News. “But it was a family shop, so it was difficult otherwise to find someone who gets along with everybody.

“She gave birth about three or four months after.”

Milton and Georgina in the Fish Bar when they started in the eighties

The flat above the chip shop was the setting where parents Georgina and Milton raised their four children.

Georgina would often feed them their meals in the kitchen that was offset from the fish bar counter – and then pop back out to serve a waiting customer.

“For our kids, it was like having hundreds of uncles and aunts,” she said. “People used to tell us, ‘Bermondsey, you don’t want to bring up your kids in Bermondsey, it’s a difficult area.’

“But our kids had such a good crowd around them. It’s all about respect – if you give out respect, you get it back.”

Milton added: “It’s not like it used to be even twenty years ago, it’s a different area now but we never had any trouble at all.”

The sale of the fish bar spells an end to 73 years of Victory serving family meals from Rotherhithe New Road.

Milton’s grandfather, known as Nick, had originally set up shop further down the road but was forced to move by council development in the mid-sixties.

He then took over a Haberdasher’s – and the family found the previous signage for the sewing shop when they did up their premises.

Now the latest installment of the shop will be an Indian-style takeaway.

The couple had not anticipated selling so soon, but Covid and upcoming retirement made it seem like the best time, said Milton.

The shop leaves Milton and Georgina and their family with happy memories.

“We would do it all over again, a hundred times over,” said Georgina. “We set out to do the best by our family, and we were rewarded with good friends along the way.”



  1. all the best for your future Milton and family . you deserve a break. I first met you when you worked with your dad at the blue anchor Lane shop I was your postman. I saw you when I stayed at the hotel ( old pub) in late 2019 when I was visiting friends . best wishes to you all my friends ? ? ? ?

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