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Ten-year-old Gracie’s big charity haircut

A ten-year-old girl is cutting her hair short to give to a charity that makes wigs for young people with cancer, writes Kit Heren…

Gracie Nathan, who lives in Southwark, is also raising money for the Little Princess Trust to make more wigs. She has had £370 in donations over less than a month since her mother set up the fundraiser.

Katie Nathan told the News: “We originally had a £250 target, which we reached, and now Gracie wants to raise more because she saw that it cost £550 just for one wig made out of real hair.”

Gracie first gave hair to the Little Princess Trust two years ago, and Katie said it was in her daughter’s nature to be charitable.

“She’s good like that, at Christmas she’ll give out care packages to the homeless,” Katie said. 

“If she sees a homeless person she’ll want to go buy them something from the shop. I think it’s about having a good heart.”

Gracie is starting secondary school this September and Katie shared her worry that having short hair in a new school could be difficult for her daughter.

“She’s a little bit worried too I think,” Katie added. “I warned her that people could tease her at secondary school if it’s really short. 

“But she’s at that age where she’s finding herself. She said ‘Mum, my hair will grow back – but there’s some kids that need my hair.”

“That’s her attitude. Part of women and girls taking care over their hair is about vanity and I guess she doesn’t really have that side of it. She’s doing a good thing.”

You can donate to Gracie’s fundraiser here.


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