Thursday, June 30, 2022
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Sponsored walks highlight cuts to legal advice and support

Dozens of groups across Southwark took part in the #10kStepsForJustice walk on June 8 raising awareness of cuts to legal services.

Legal advice lines and other support services have experienced years of cuts since austerity – but demand for their help is higher than ever.

During lockdown, workplace, housing, welfare and immigration status cases are all the more pressing.

The event saw people take part either at home or in their own time and socially-distanced space across the country, with Southwark Group of Tenants Organisation taking a lead role in coordinating TRAs across the borough to take part.

“People MUST have access to justice. A huge percentage of us visit Southwark Citizens’ Advice Bureau or Southwark Law Centre as people try to fight wrong decisions.”

SGTO is also fundraising for people affected by COVID-19 including electricity metre top ups and other essentials.

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