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Millwall food bank helps locals in need

Millwall Lionesses goalkeeper Kelly Webster has helped set up a food bank on the Rennie Estate in Bermondsey, writes Kit Heren…

The Lions Food Hub, which the Lionesses launched in association with Millwall Supporters Trust, is taking food and financial donations and has been open since January.

The Food Hub runs out of the Rennie and Manor Tenants Hall on Galleywall Road and is open for collections on Tuesday and Friday.

“People can book timeslots,” Webster told the News. “We don’t want queues up the road, we want it to feel like you’ve still got your dignity.

Millwall Lionesses captain Libby Stubbs

“You go in the front door, you get your stuff and you go out the backdoor. We don’t want it to feel like a soup kitchen which I don’t think is right.

“Some people have gone on furlough, they were using 100% of their wage for their bills and everything else. Now they haven’t got that so they obviously need a bit more help.”

Millwall midfielder Ben Thompson has visited the centre and made a donation, as well as Millwall fans and other local residents.

The Lions Food Hub is building on the work of local people who have run a food and support network through the tenants’ hall that supported about 530 people through the first year of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Kelly Webster with Lionesses striker Abbey Dell

The Food Hub still needs help and is taking donations of food, toiletries and financial help for buying additional supplies.

You can get in touch with @lionsfoodhub and/or @TheMillwallFans on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook or by emailing

You can also donate here:



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