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The Bombing of St Peter’s Church Remembered

In the early hours of 29th October, 1940, Walworth was bombed during raids on London and two bombs hit St Peter’s Church where local residents were sheltering in the crypt.

Sixty-seven people lost their lives that night, and many more of the 200 sheltering were injured. A vivid account of that night has been recorded in the memoirs of Father Markham, who recalls the stretchers of the bodies of those killed being laid out on the flag stones at the church entrance.

On Thursday 29th October 2020 the church will honour the memory of those who lost their lives that night 80 years ago, and those wardens and other civilians who treated the dying and injured with a special socially-distanced service at 7pm.

Prayers, psalms and Bible readings will be given up for the deceased.

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Listen to the recorded extracts from Rev. Markham’s private papers read by Steven Davies, Jack McInroy, Neil Crossfield, Father Alan Wild, and Nigel Scott-Dickeson.


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