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Fed up with working from home? Camberwell’s Crooked Well has the answer…

Fed up of working from home? Camberwell pub The Crooked Well has launched a new work-from-pub scheme to ‘give back’ to the regulars who supported the boozer during lockdown.

The pub, which has previously featured in the News over fears of a rent rise and the impact of the 10pm curfew, officially launched its ‘Work Well’ scheme on Friday, October 10, to coincide with World Mental Health Day.

One of the leaflets detailing how to get support on display in the pub

Regulars can now book a ‘COVID-secure’ table for the day for just £7. Upgrading to £15 means they can enjoy bottomless coffee, breakfast, lunch and a pint when they clock off.

Landlords Hector Skinner, Matt Green-Armytage, and Jennifer Aries say they hope the new offer will help people who feel trapped working from home and need a change of scene.

“One of our regulars said that he couldn’t stand working and living at home everyday and it gave us an idea to help our locals and our staff,” they explained.

“We came up with a plan, upgraded the wi-fi and now hope that ‘Work Well’ will allow our customers to feel connected with people in real life – not just over Zoom – and remind them that they are part of a community.

“Some have told us they are looking forward to some respite from a home office which is causing them stress and anxiety and we’re so happy to help.

“Not everyone has a space for a home office, has a great home environment or a home they can comfortably work from.

“We also think that giving people somewhere to escape to but where they can still work and be in something close to an office environment will be good for their mental health.

“It’s been a huge hit with our customers who are working from home locally.

“Lots have already booked tables, and they’re delighted that they won’t have to shop, cook or clean up either!

“We will barely be covering our overheads but after the huge support we’ve had from locals since our very first opening year through to lockdown and since reopening, we wanted to give something back and ensure we can keep paying our staff.

“Many pubs are facing desperate times, we’re very lucky to have phenomenal local support but the hospitality industry is very fragile.”

To book your office space for the day email

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  1. Great idea and hope that it spreads all over London and the suburbs to create hubs of working people who just want to get out to an office they can walk to.

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