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A?heartfelt thank you from Barry’s boys

Since Barry-Albin-Dyer’s passing on June 6 after a long battle with cancer, his sons, Simon and Jon, have been inundated with messages of love and support. Now they would like to send their own message of thanks for every kind word.

“Throughout dad’s illness over the past two years, there wasn’t a day went past without people approaching us or contacting us to ask how he was and offer their support and prayers, all of which were part of the reason our Dad did as well as he did and managed to carry on as well and as long as he did.

“Never more so than since Dad’s passing has this meant so much to us, our families and all the staff at Albins. The continued support we have received via calls, cards, e-mails and social media has been a constant comfort to us all and is absolutely overwhelming.

“We have so many people we would like to thank starting with Jackie, who was at Dad’s side throughout his illness with her love, care and support which never wavered right up until he passed away.

“We also want to thank our wives Michelle and Jane for not just supporting us as they always do, but keeping our households strong and showing our dad a daughter’s love.

“We have a very special thank you for our mum, who has always supported us and has helped to look after our children throughout this time, which has been invaluable to us.”

Simon and Jon also wished to thank the following people:

– The staff of Albin’s, who have been wonderful and have stepped up to support us and very importantly, to ensure that the families we serve receive the same care as we always strive to give them, and never before has their love and support been realised. Their loyalty, dedication and empathy to us all has meant so much to us both.

– The medical team that cared for dad throughout his illness – Dr Lucy Brazil, his Oncologist and her team, Denise Cohn-Brown, Prof. Rob George and the Marie Curie nurses.

– Dr Pat Holden and his lovely wife Judith who were there with dad right to the end.

– Dad’s wonderful friend Canon Alan McLean who along with Fr. Andrew Doyle were also with dad right at the end of his life.

– Dad’s lifelong friends from ‘The Wednesday Society’;  Paul, Tom, Rick, Norman, Terry & Steve.

– Another of Dad’s very special friends, John Donovan and his lovely family for their never ending love and support throughout this time and always.

– Kevin, Chris and all the team at Southwark News for their friendship and wonderful tribute to him.

– Ricardo and the staff at Tentazioni Restaurant who always looked after dad so well on his much loved visits there.

– All the team at Servewell’s Café, West Lane who were always so kind to him

– A special little thank you to Bayram & all at Sam’s Barbers at West Lane, who kept Dad as he loved to be – clean shaven and smart right to the end.


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